Ultimate Guide to Ibiza Opening Parties 2020

Discover the beautiful unseen parts of Ibiza 2020

2020 is finally here, and that means that the Ibiza party season is one step closer. As some of you will know, the Ibiza opening parties officially mark the island awakening from it’s winter slumber, and what a celebration it is…

Ibiza opening parties are legendary, and for good reason. Most clubs on the island, and especially the more well known superclubs, will each try and outdo each other by putting on the craziest parties with some of the biggest lineups you will see throughout the whole year. A lot of the more seasoned ravers realise this has the potential to be the best time to come during the year, so it’s a must see for Ibiza virgins or veterans.

So let’s dive in and explore some of the wildest parties you will ever go to…

When are the Ibiza Opening Parties?

Ibiza opening parties don’t have any strict format year to year, but generally do follow a pattern which makes planning your trip easier.

The Islands opening is unofficially intertwined with the International Music Summit, which is a conference founded by the legendary Pete Tong and has been hosted on the island since 2008. Although you will find opening parties starting from as early as 1st week of May, it will generally kick off the week of the IMS. 

This year the conference runs from May 20th-22nd, so you will find some of the biggest parties surrounding these dates. 

Ibiza Opening Parties 2020


Opening Party – Amnesia 

Date/Time – Sat 09th May 22:00

Lineup – TBC

Amnesia is a contender for the most famous superclub on the island. Since opening in 1976, Amnesia has won multiple awards, can hold up to 5,000 ravers. It’s particularly famous for it’s terrace room, which features a glass roof where you can literally rave with the sun coming up. 

Expect house and techno music, with some of the best speakers you will have ever heard. 

Tickets Link 

Odyssey – Ushuaïa & Hï Ibiza 24h Party

Date/Time – Sat 09th May 22:00

Lineup – TBC

With the launch of “Odyssey” last year at the Opening Parties of 2019, the team behind Ushuaïa & Hï Ibiza are back with their 24 hour party! 

The day/night will start at midday in Ushuaïa where you can start in the luxurious beach club with a festival like stage, surrounded by a luscious pool. After 12 hours of partying, you will head across the road to Hï Ibiza, one of the most technologically advanced clubs in the world, where you will carry on until mid day! 

Both of these clubs are not to be missed. 

Tickets Link 

Solomun + 1 – Pacha

Date/Time – TBC
Lineup – TBC

The underground sensation that is Solomun takes his place with a residency at Pacha for the 8th year in a row. Solomun’s house and techno picks are second to none, and if you haven’t seen him before, now is the time.

Pacha is another superclub on the island which sits as one of the best. With a capacity of 3,000, Pacha feels like a premium experience compared to more the the warehousey style clubs.

Elrow Opening Party – Amnesia

Date/Time – TBC

Lineup – TBC

Lineup – TBC

Amnesia have thankfully announced that Elrow at Saturdays will be renewed  for another year. If you haven’t been to an Elrow party before, then you need to start living. You can probably feel the vibes from the photo, psychedelic, freaky, crazy, and absolute madness. Think confetti, inflatables, actors on stilts, and many surprises. 

Elrow will usually feature their famous terrace (Pictured above), with housetech music, followed by their club room which has heavier techno. Elrow, we’re so happy you’re back! 

Opening Party – Ibiza Rocks

Date – Friday 15th May

Lineup – TBC

Ibiza Rocks is one of the legendary beach clubs of San Antonio on the west coast of the island. Featuring a huge pool at the centre of the hotel/club, you will expect to find a party every day of the week. If you’re in a big group, I would recommend investing in a table or beach bed.

Opening Party – The Zoo Project

Date – 3rd May

Lineup – TBC

The Zoo project is a festival, club, and human zoo all rolled into one. Clubbers go all out to get into the animal spirit and become one with nature.

The Zoo Project has various stages, including the Seal Pit (pictured above), food stalls, amazing ZIP area, and expect an array of performances including Unicycling Gorillas and Capoeira Clowns! Get as much body glitter and face paint and you can and get on down to the Zoo Project.

Defected Opening Party – Eden

Date – 15th May

Lineup – TBC

Defected has been a staple of house music since its founding in 1998. Eden brings Defected for it’s fourth season, and is one of San Antonio’s biggest nights out. 

Eden is one of San Antonio’s super clubs, holding a maximum of 5,000 people, and is also famous for it’s Void sound system.

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